We are a stationery organization in which we are developing various brands with-in, as the aim for this is that, our customer can get streamlined product range, which provide us to survey the market for each brand and provide what’s best for our consumers. As we have one focus to provide what’s best for consumer. Moreover, we do welcome any suggestion and upgradation from customers as the idea behind categorizing the brands is that to get customer’s input, just think each product under one brand, no separate team working for each brand, sounds so messy and I think that situation do not fit with our aim “To Provide what’s best”. Furthermore, right now we have two brands in the market “Cheese Pens” and “Super Rainbow”. Both the brands are for ball pens and Gel pens only, as our primary focus is in Pens. As Super Rainbow is a category of DF ball pen and budget friendly pens, while with CHEESE pens we have various astonishing design ball pens as well as Gel pens and with SUPER Rainbow the product range will be quite restricting due to the budget factor nevertheless there is and will be no exception made in quality to fit Budget as this type of pen is every time loved. While with CHEESE pens we have wide variety of BALL pens and GEL Pens in market with great design and this segment start with 5* RS/- and goes beyond as we have one team simultaneously working on new design 24 x 7, so highest price can’t be confirmed as the pens is this segment is growing on each day.


This is the segment of research and to provide latest pens as possible, so the number of products will release on constant basis, as per now we have 7 products running successful in the market and our team is simultaneously working on 5 new products, which would set to launch on an individual basis till end of year 2021.It is a product of various innovation, and the most important of all this that this segment is not too costly to buy it is also affordable. So, be in the constant loop with us to experience our new product and write to us on our official channel by Mail or connect us on social media platform, to share your valuable input to help up excel.


In this segment the Pen starts from 2* Rs/- and end at 5* Rs/- and this segment is our old school pens with latest ink and tips equipped within itself to provide seamless writing. On the product category we have 2 products running at full pace in market and our team is try to launch 2 more product in the near future, as the difficulty to maintain the old school look with new technology ink and tips even to fit it under the desired cost is too complex work, so the team needs the time and we need to provide the desired time they need. You can have a look of the product on the product section in SUPER RAINBOW Category.